Chorizo Supreme Pizza Recipe

Chozizo Supreme1 - uncooked.jpg

For quite some time this was our go-to pizza. It has been a favourite of ours for years, but we have not had it in a while so have not been able to get any photo's...until this week and damn! I forgot how good it tastes! Now the photo's don't look too appealing but it is a very tasty Pizza:

  1. All our pizza's are made using our homemade pizza dough recipe here.

  2. It starts with a tomato base. Check out our easy and delicious homemade tomato pizza sauce recipe. - recipe here.

  3. Low moisture Quality Mozzarella Cheese. We use Puglia Mozzarella Cheese - Made in Australia.

  4. Red onion, sliced.

  5. After the onion comes the main event of this pizza Spanish Chorizo. Now there are a lot of good Chorizo's around however the latest we tried was the Wurstel Brand (it is actually a German  Brand so not made in spain - but it is goooood) - Sliced. (Side note: if you like fry-ups for breakfast, fry some sliced chorizo and add to your breaky - yummmm).

  6. Then I lay down the Red Capsicum (Bell Pepper), sliced reasonably thinly.

  7. Then Spanish (or Italian) Black olives cut in half. Get some strong tasting ones as these add quite a lot of flavour to this pizza, and it is just a bit boring without.

  8. Now cook and enjoy! (Please note a lot of the ingredients on here contain a fair amount of moisture (onion, capsicum, olives), so can create a bit of a soggy base. I suggest drying the ingredients a bit first, or just accept it as it still tastes good :-) )


Ingredient's in simple form:

  • Pizza Dough/Base

  • Tomato Pizza Sauce

  • Mozzarella Cheese

  • Red Onion

  • Spanish Chorizo

  • Red Capsicum

  • Black Olives





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