Meatlovers Pizza - The Kiwi Classic

The "Mighty Meat Lovers" - A kiwi favourite. Doesn't quite have any roots back to the traditional Neapolitan style pizza (in fact it would probably be treated as blasphemy) but none the less, the meat lovers pizza has always had a soft spot in my heart 😃:

  1. All our pizza's are made using our home made pizza dough - recipe here.

  2. It starts with a tomato base. Check out our easy and delicious home made tomato pizza sauce recipe. - recipe here.

  3. Low moisture Quality Mozzarella Cheese. We use Puglia Mozzarella Cheese - Made in Australia.

  4. Red onion, sliced.

  5. Bell's Original New York Pepperoni or a Chorizo.

  6. Pokeno Middle Bacon. I fry the slices then chop it up once cooked. Pokeno Middle bacon has been my go-to bacon for the last couple of years. I love using it in a bacon buttie. Best cooked over flames (bbq etc) Note - I have found some amazing Streaky bacon when we were in Nelson, have not had it on pizza yet but it was in a BLT I ate at the Nelson Farmers markets - BEST BLT I have ever had in my life!! Went back and asked what bacon she used and of cause being the Nelson Farmers market, bacon was from a local Nelson butcher called Pestells. Will be trying on my next meat lovers!!!!

  7. Premium Beef Mince. Once again I cook this first (with nothing else, maybe a little Extra Virgin Olive in the fry pan). Be sure to not just put the mince straight from the packet into the pan as it will just break into tiny little pieces. What I do first is grab the mince in my hand's squash it all together so that it is nice and compact then use my wooden spatula/spoon to break it/chop it up in the fry pan this creates little tiny balls of mince. Perfect!

  8. Then this is topped with BBQ sauce. - Currently it is Watties BBQ sauce, I know there is better out there and am currently experimenting, but to be honest it does go good on the pizza.

  9. Now cook and enjoy!


Ingredient's in simple form:

  • Pizza Dough/Base

  • Pizza Sauce

  • Mozzarella Cheese

  • Red Onion

  • Pepperoni or Chorizo

  • Bacon

  • Premium Beef Mince

  • BBQ Sauce






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