Hunting the "Perfect Pizza"

I don’t know if it is a Kiwi thing or just me, but I like a lot of different types of Pizza. I enjoy Neapolitan Style Pizza, New York Style Pizza, Australian-Italian Style Pizza. There was even a place in Switzerland where I found myself enjoying a great Pizza.

As a kid, Pizza Hut was my go to for my birthday as much as my dad hated it. I loved that deep dish meat lovers and the family feel of the restaurant. I would probably have to credit Pizza Hut for sparking my passion for pizza. Unfortunately, Pizza Hut went the way of “lowest” price wins!

These day’s I prefer my own home made pizza, as well as enjoy a slice or two of my brother’s or sister’s home made pizza. It’s quite funny how things have progressed over the last few years, the competition in the family is starting to get a little heated, partly due to my sister-in-law raving about my pizza in front of her husband (my brother who is an ex-Chef). There are constantly pictures of pizza night on my family’s messenger group trying to outdo each other. It started with premade pizza bases cooked in the oven, then there was the pizza stone. Soon it was in the charcoal Weber with the Kettle Pizza attachment turning it into a wood-fired oven. Now there are thousands being spent on proper wood-fired pizza ovens (my new one is currently on its way from Italy) as well as countless hours trying to perfect the dough. You could say it has become an obsession, well it has for me at least anyway.

One of the issues I found when learning to make great Pizza is there is not really any brand or place to go for the Pizza Connoisseur, where they can get great info and products designed for the perfectionist. It is very much a “hit and miss”, “trial and error” type of learning, which can be costly and time-consuming, as well as just damn right frustrating.

Because of this as well as my obsession of the perfect Pizza (if there is even such a thing?) The Stoke Pizza Company was born – a place where the Pizza connoisseur or the “just getting started” pizza fan can hang out and learn to be the best Pizza Chef they can be.

Anyway, we welcome everyone to Stoke Pizza whether you’re here to check out our great range of Pizza products or just reading one of our recipes or helpful tips. Join us on our mission for the almighty, elusive, “Perfect Pizza”.

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