Stoke Pizza Update - The Launch of Bell's Pepperoni

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This week we have been a bit short of time for any further experimentation in the kitchen so I apologise in advance. We made the decision to launch our new brand of Pepperoni "Bell's Original New York Pepperoni" at the The Food Show in Auckland next month (July). You can learn more about our Pepperoni at

What this does present us with (apart from the stress and pressure) is a great opportunity to try some things that we have not done before, such as cook a hell of a lot of pizza in front of potential customers over 4 days. Might be a steep learning curve!

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We want you all to be able to try Bell's Pepperoni not only by itself, but also how it was intended to be eaten; on a Pepperoni pizza. This is going to involve making large quantities of our pizza sauce as well as large quantities of our dough; both of which we have never done. We are really wanting to use our own recipes for this as we believe Bell's Pepperoni, with our sauce on our dough is an awesome combo that we want to be able to share with everyone.

Very early design idea of the stand (we won't all be guys I promise).

Very early design idea of the stand (we won't all be guys I promise).

At this stage the plan is to get a gas (and wood) fired pizza oven from Pizza Party in Italy (honestly I don't know why they went with that name, it makes it feel cheap, however they make great quality portable pizza ovens). We have a Pizza Party pizza oven which we use at home multiple times a week. However ours is wood-fired only and for the show this just wouldn't be practical (smoke inside etc, storage of wood), so we are opting to go for a gas version which is supposed to still be able to get up to 500 deg C (we really only need about 350 deg C for the Pepperoni Pizza's). The plan is to give away bite-sized pieces of Pepperoni Pizza as well as sell our Pepperoni Pizza by the slice. This should help cover some of the costs of the show, as well as see if our pizza really is as good as we think it is.

Anyway, we need to truck on with getting organised for the show and getting our product stocked so you can all buy Bell's Pepperoni locally :-) We will update you all with our progress and planning as well as how on earth we make our dough for that many pizzas :-S


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